Interactions of Forests, Climate, Water Resources, and Humans in a Changing Environment: Research Needs

Ge Sun, Guest Editor, Catalina Segura, Guest Editor

Page: 119-126
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Impact of River Damming and River Diversion Projects in a Changing Environment and in Geomorphological Evolution of the Greek Coast

Aristeidis Mertzanis, Konstantinos Mertzanis

Page: 127-159
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Wind Speed Response of Sap Flow in Five Subtropical Trees Based on Wind Tunnel Experiments

Sophie Laplace, Tomonori Kume, Chia-Ren Chu, Hikaru Komatsu

Page: 160-171
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Determinants of Choice of Indigenous Climate Related Strategies by Smallholder Farmers in Northern Ghana

Ramatu M. Al-Hassan, John K. M. Kuwornu, Prince M. Etwire, Yaw Osei-Owusu

Page: 172-187
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Plant and Soil Biota: Crucial for Mitigating Climate Change in Forests

Marcela C. Pagano

Page: 188-196
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Road to Stream Connectivity: Implications for Forest Water Quality in a Sub-Tropical Climate

Ashley A. Webb, Ian L. Hanson

Page: 197-214
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Changes in Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil in Timber Sawmill Dumpsite in Abakaliki, Abakaliki Southeastern, Nigeria

C. I. Okonkwo, P. Arinzechukwu, C. Njoku

Page: 215-228
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Response Characteristics of the Perdido and Wolf Bay System to Inflows and Sea Level Rise

Janesh Devkota, Xing Fang, Victoria Z. Fang

Page: 229-256
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